The Road


Foundational Assumptions

We have a set of assumptions that frame the way we define our beliefs and thus our actions as we engage each other on this pilgrimage. 

  • Consciousness of complexity can inform and transform all realms of human experience to be in harmony with evolution.
  • The primary barriers to this evolution come from cognitive distortions derived from trauma — personal, relational, and cultural.
  • We have robust technologies to:
    • discover the distortions, 
    • heal the trauma, and 
    • live into new ways of being that bring greater health to the whole human community. 

for more, see the short essays on the community site here.

Three Considerations for the Road

As we travel together, we come from various places and the destinations we have in mind for ourselves may be quite different. What holds us together as fellow travelers is the awareness that we have the same qualities that we seek to embody,

  • in our personal selves,
  • in the relationships we create with each other, and
  • in the communities we seek to nurture.

In each of these domains we are constructing sustainability, justice, and transformation.

Meeting each other on the road:

We are each a different person, coming from a different place, and headed in a different direction. But we are on the road together and we have this opportunity to create a relationship with each other. What do we want that relationship to be like?

Mostly we don’t see that we have a choice. We think that the nature of the relationship is a given. In most of the contexts in which we find ourselves, the culture has already defined the relationship. But not here. Not on the Road. Here we get to decide for ourselves what we want the relationship to be like.

So there is great freedom on the Pilgrimage but we do have one expectation. We will be mutually accountably. We will pay attention to ourselves and to each other. We will know what we are experiencing and we will be as transparent as we can be. And we will pay attention to each other and especially to the impact we have on each other. We will give an account of who we are and we will take into account the effect we have on each other.

We are a community that meets for the activities as listed under the activities tab, and we are community that gathers for various online conversations through the community page at

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