To find our way on this journey we are going to need to best maps we can get. And we need to jetison some faulty ones. This page is our map of the maps with a bit of a description so you can find the ones you are looking for. If you are looking for the School for Living, here is the link.

Man’s hand pointing on road map — Image by © Royalty-Free/Corbis

Meta Maps

These are the maps that show the terrain from 40,000 feet. This is the big picture. These are maps of patterns that exist in all of the domain of human experience.

Self: Maps to help us find ourselves

As a person on the road I experience myself as a separate entity from those I meet.  I am an ego.  But I also know that I am more than and sometime very different from who others expect me to be or insist that I am.  How do I discover my true self, and how do I transcend it such that I am more and more self-actualized?

Relationship: Maps to help us build healthy connections

As I encounter others on the road, I find myself to be at the same time attracted to them and afraid of them.  I want to be connected and I want to be safe.  How do I construct relationships with others such that I am able to enjoy intimacy while also being able to sustain autonomy? [maps on JustConflict]

Community: Maps to help us work well together

We are elements in a system in relationship to each other such that we create larger systems than ourselves.  Some of these are complex adaptive systems and are able to self-reflect such that they become self-organizing.  They become organisms.  What do we do to make these organisms healthy?

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